Adrenaline 4X4 assumes no liability for self-inflicted harm in the event of an electrical malfunction, controller failure, or other manufacturing defect. Our product warranty provisions still apply.

Products designated for "off-road use only" and "non-ADR approved" should not be used on public roads and are strictly intended for off-road usage. The consumer is responsible for ensuring the safe and lawful operation of their modified vehicle.

Adrenaline 4X4 requires that all electrical products be installed by a qualified professional auto electrician. Adrenaline 4X4 assumes no responsibility for property damage resulting from product failure. Furthermore, we are not liable for harm, injury, or bodily harm that may result from product failure.

Please be advised that the installation of aftermarket parts on your vehicle may affect or void your factory warranty, insurance coverage, and may violate local laws and regulations. It is the consumer's responsibility to familiarize themselves with the legal requirements for legally modifying their vehicle.


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